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One tap hole Atomix Eco Single Lever Sink Mono (Chrome)


The Atomix Eco single lever mixer has a revolutionary “click” cartridge which alerts the user to a pre-set level of water flow.

This feature can significantly reduce water usage & helps protect the environment.

  • 40mm ceramic mixer cartridge
  • Tubular brass with connector tails and swivel spout
  • Height 170mm, Reach 260mm

1 TapPressure

Our Price: £124.66 inc Vat

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Available Spares

Copper Tail d. 15 each (12mmThreaded end)£11.42
Set of Red/Blue Indices£2.52
Mini Atomix Cartridge£22.84
Flow Straightener 24x1M Chrome (PLASTIC WHEEL)£8.90
Atomix Body O'Rings (SET)£4.45